Report Writing

Two words that provoke a reaction in all teachers – REPORT WRITING!

When they creep up on you it never seems to be the right time – and yes – they do creep up on you. Whether it be your first or thirtieth time writing them it never seems to get easier, and as time passes I continue to be intrigued with the response these words get.

Each of us has our own opinion but my challenge to you is this…

Approach reports in a way that is good for you – that will help you not hate the process. We are always telling our students that their work is a reflection of them, so couldn’t the same be said for us? Write comments in a way that works for you. Pace it out in a way that works for you. Keep assessments together in a way that works for you. Someone once told me that if you do these things then you will find yourself much happier not having to conform to a certain ‘way’ of doing things. There are no rules. Let your reports be a reflection of you – so that your parents feel like their child’s report is written by their teacher and not a computer.

In this area of A Teachers Shoes you will find bits and pieces to show you different ways of tackling aspects of report writing. Use them – don’t use them – but either way explore them. See if any of them help you in the way you operate, to make this time for you that little bit easier.

I wish you all the best – I’m sure they’ll be wonderful!