When I began my teaching career I started as a CRT with a popular company based in Melbourne. It was such a fantastic job – and I HIGHLY recommend it – because it gave me a chance to teach across all primary levels, and really experience what it meant to teach solo – without a mentor looking over my shoulder. Behaviour management was also something I learned quickly, and a blessing from that experience. Who doesn’t remember being at school and pushing the relief teachers buttons? Everyone did it at one point! I learned so quickly how to walk into a class filled with unknown faces, and get their attention.This area of my blog will be dedicated to all my fellow teachers who are working as CRT’s. Most of these things could be used by a classroom teacher, however they are specifically geared towards those times when you walk into a classroom at 8:30am, and no work has been left.

Being a CRT really means that you could be thrown in the deep end at any point, and during these times you can either sink or swim – hopefully I can help you swim.