About Me.

Today is a great day! I’m sitting on my bed looking out at my private country view, and for the first time in quite a while I am feeling completely relaxed – I couldn’t think of a better time to begin writing to you all.

So without further ado…this is me, and this is about my blog.

I am a thirty-something year old teacher living in Victoria. I recently got married to the most amazing man, and we have an adorable – yet cheeky sometimes – pet rabbit. I love cooking, movies, animals, dinosaurs, trivia, the outdoors, going on adventures, being creative, and I could decorate from dawn until dusk! I value family, love my friends, and will always choose to keep traditions going – no matter how corny they are! Haha!

A Teachers Shoes was born from a university assignment I completed whilst studying. I created a blog for the assignment, and designed it to help other teachers out there who needed guidance in multiliteracies. I will forever be grateful for this subject because it has lead me here.

Shortly after completing my masters I began teaching as a CRT, and discovered the complete lack of resources out there for those in this profession. I searched for hours and nothing appeared. As time passed I was blessed with a position in a school, and then had a myriad of new teaching elements to navigate through. Now statistics have shown that the majority of graduate teachers these days, leave the profession before they reach the five-year mark – but why – and most importantly – what could I do to help?

I have been fortunate to have grown up with education all around me. My parents were both Primary teachers, as were my grandparents. Both my dad and grandpa also became Principals at one point. My sister is a primary teacher as well, and my other sister is currently studying her masters to become a high school teacher. With so much knowledge and guidance from home, coupled with advice and help from fellow colleagues at school, I thought to myself how lucky I was. It hit me one day that the things I am learning in my journey, could be shared with others. Even if this blog helps one person – someone who is struggling, can’t ask questions, doesn’t have a support system, or even just someone to journey with – then I’ll be happy. That will make this process and blogging adventure completely worth it.

In this space I will be sharing my journey. I will be sharing my ideas from when I was a CRT, and now as a classroom teacher. I will try and help answer some graduate teacher questions, and share how I manage (and sometimes struggle) with having a work/life balance. I’ll have some of my favourite recipes as well, and some things you could do to keep healthy. From time-to-time I will also have some of the most amazing people around me, write pieces about different things they would like to share with you.

I am so glad that you’re here. I wish you all the best in your teaching journey, and hopefully parts of mine will help you along the way with yours.

All the best, and I look forward to our next chat.



**Disclaimer: I hope you have fun reading and being on this journey, but please do remember that all posts and pieces on A Teachers Shoes, are just helpful hints and what has worked for either myself or the author. Unless stated otherwise we are not experts, so please take all of this as advice only, and apply it as necessary to what you think is good for you. Obviously we all live different lives, so what we are doing may not be what you need, or fit your circumstance (whether it be work, home or health). There are some amazing professionals out there who are qualified experts in these different fields, so if you need a hand, I’m sure they’d be happy to help.