Second Breakfast & Fancy Water

For a scrumptious treat on-the-go, try these tried and tested smoothie recipes. I’ll be updating the page as I discover more delectable combinations so stay tuned!

Happy blending!


Adam’s Second Breakfast Smoothie

150g Bananas

100g Natural Unsweetened Greek Yoghurt

10g Chia seeds

120g water (I prefer chilled)

100g Frozen Mixed Berries

Method: Whack it all in a blender. Drink up.

Tips: Put the yoghurt in closest to the blades so the chia seeds don’t get caught and create more cleaning time.

Variations: The banana and yoghurt are such a great base for many flavours. Experiment if you’d like to – in the past I’ve replaced the berries with mango for a tropical twist. You can also add plain protein powder for a more substantial smoothie.


Fancy Water – For ANY occasion!

Have you ever had people randomly pop by and you don’t have anything to offer them except the normal kitchen beverage staples? Well I have a solution for you! Thanks to my mum’s creativity this will not only taste great, but make you look super fancy! Haha! Do this for yourself too for a tiz-up on the most basic beverage…water!

Water (Iced, Tap or Soda)

Frozen Mixed Berries

Fresh Mint

Method: Pour some water into a glass (make as much or as little as you need), then simply add a small amount of the mixed berries and fresh mint. That’s it! The frozen berries keep the drink cold, and with a tad of mint, they add a freshness to the water.

Tip: Frozen berries make life so much easier! They’re about $4 from the supermarket and can be used for fancy water, baking in muffins, blending to make a coolie, and added to yoghurt! I also have a Soda Stream which has been the best thing EVER! A canister lasts a few months for us and we use it almost every day. I definitely recommend buying one if you love bubbles but don’t want the sugar (I don’t add the syrup)!

Variations: Other popular combinations are frozen raspberries or blueberries and mint, lemon and mint, lemon and lime etc.

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