That Blank Look

As a teacher it is expected that you can pull teaching ideas out of nowhere – and yes we all usually can. But what about those times where your mind goes clear and you have that blank look on your face? Here are some of my ideas that I’ve used.

Second Breakfast & Fancy Water

For a scrumptious treat on-the-go, try these tried and tested smoothie recipes. I’ll be updating the page as I discover more delectable combinations so stay tuned!

Happy blending!

Breakfast – A Healthy Start to Your Day!

These recipes are ones I actually use – with real ingredients easily found in your fridge or pantry at home. Make the morning a time to prepare for the day ahead – which includes a healthy meal. Happy Cooking and have an awesome day today!

Thank you Mr. Hundert

I’m dedicating this blog post to all the teachers out there like Mr. Hundert. The ones who inspired us to be who we wanted to be, to strive for the impossible, and conquer goals we never thought would ever happen.